Accessories of an elegant woman Part 2: “Le” sac

Every woman needs a bag!
Personally I’ve found “the one”, the “one” I will be faithful to!
This is MY bag from the wonderful Danish brand Decadent.
I bought it 3 years ago and I am still crazy about it!
I’ve always wanted a “special” bag that I will keep a long time. I had to be patient to get it as I had to save money but it is a great investment and I do not regret it. The more it is aging the more it gets beautiful! We can see it has been used, loved and has experience!

My Decadent bag is simple, elegant…
My Decadent bag has the perfect brown colour
My Decadent bag is made of great leather quality
My Decadent bag is spacy, solid and has a flat bottom which makes it easy to find stuff…

Nearly every day, when sitting in the train on my way to work I get comments from women that desire this bag.
This is the perfect bag for me!

You can see more Decadent bags on their website


Collage 1

Collage 2




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