Weekend activities: moodboard

One of my favourite activity during weekends is finding inspiration for my moodboards. Here below are my advices  to create a great moodboard:

  1. Choose a colour or a theme that will be present in nearly all the pictures of your moodboard; that will give an harmony and kind of natural flow
  2. Go through magazines, personal pictures, catalogues, personal notes from friends and family and select some pictures that will match the choosen theme.
  3. Play with your pictures on the floor before hanging them

Here below is the moodboard in my bedroom. I wanted to have mainly black and white pictures with a pink touch!

Moodboard 1

In the kitchen….

Moodboard 2

Here below is a moodboard from Aslaug Sand, a Danish designer I am following on Instagram ( https://instagram.com/aslaug_sand).

moodboard 3

Green and plants will be the themes of my next moodboard…
Have a great weekend!

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