When I draw and paint…

I am working at an Insurance Company and believe me there is no place for creativity. Even though I like my job I feel like I can not express a part of me that really wants to “get out”. So instead of being frustrated I started to be creative at home. I even decided to take some lessons about drawing and painting. I started in September this year and I do not regret it at all!

When I draw and paint I am “somewhere else”, on another planet forgetting about everything bad and it feels so good! It helps me to enjoy the present moment, to focus on one thing at a time and not stress about tomorrow.

When I draw and paint I connect to myself, I express parts of me, I learn to be patient. It challenges me as well as there is always new techniques to master, new tools to use. I never stop learning…

Here below are some of my paintings and drawings. It is not perfect but it is me and I am proud of my work!

INK 1dessin 1dessin 2

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