La tête dans les nuages

Today I have my “head in the clouds” as we say it in French (“La tête dans les nuages“) when we want to talk about someone who is disconnected from reality for a while and DREAMING!

I am thinking about the year that just ended and about the one that has just started. Even tough 2015 has been tough, marked with pain and sadness for my country, I want to be grateful to God for protecting me every day, having a job, a roof, people that support me with their love and encouragements.
Life is a gift, very valuable but also very fragile so let’s take good care of it!



In 2016….

I would like to surround myself with positive people that lift me up, encourage, inspire me and help me to grow.
I would like to experience new things, new places. I want to travel and discover wonderful places in my country and abroad.
I would like to continue developing my creativity by drawing, taking lessons in painting, taking good pictures, etc….
I would like to challenge my mind by learning, always learning. It can be through reading, learning new skills, visiting cultural places but also through relationships with people! No matter how there is always something to learn!

I hope I will encourage and inspire you through my learning, sharing, experiences, creativity, etc…

There might be difficulties and tears along the way but well….the sun will shine again at some point!



Bonne Année 2016!


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