Iconichic: if I were…a CHAIR…

…I would be the “Wishbone” chair by the Danish designer Hans Wegner. (Iconichic is a new category where I will present you some great chic icon products…so stay tuned!)
One day I will buy one of this chair….that’s for sure! I am just in love with it! I will place it in my home office and sit on it while painting, drawing, reading, getting inspiration etc….
In Danish it is called “Y-stole”because the back has a Y shape. Hans Wegner was a carpenter’s apprentice before attending the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen. After his studies he went into architecture. Hans Wegner created the chair for the furniture company Carl Hansen & Soen which still sells the chair. Please visit their website to get more inspiration http://shop.carlhansen.dk/om-y-stolen/
I like this chair because of the elegant shape, the quality of the tree, the classic design which endures forever…the wishbone chair is just an “iconichic” chair!

chair tegning
personal picture: me drawing my favourite chair

All pictures here below comes from Pinterest.



Have a great weekend!

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