My birthday in prints

Last month….the 2nd of March to be precise ….it was my birthday…
I had the week off and I did a lot of things to spoil myself! It can sound a little bit selfish but I personally think it is important to take care of myself, to spend time with myself…no pressure or expectations from others…
The older you get the more you want to enjoy life and do things that make you happy….life is too short to be wasted!
I wanted to show you what I did this “birthday week” with prints

1. I got some beautiful flowers
2. I received encouraging and inspiring cards and messages from family and friends
3. I went to Ladurée in Paris to eat breakfast
4. I went to Paris visiting museum, shopping at le Bon Marché where I find a great swimming suit, “the one” I was looking for!
5.  I got invited to my favourite restaurant in Saint Germain en Laye called “Le pavillon Henri IV”
6. I got birthday wishes, free samples, invitation from Dyptique and Fragonard
7. I visited the beautiful city of Gent (or Gand) in Belgium ( more pictures will follow)
8. I enjoyed a spa retreat with massage, sauna and hammam
9. I got some beautiful presents from family and friends from Danmark such as golden tray, clips and scissors from the brand Hay, a book about Danish arts prints, Danish magazines, art prints from the Danish artist Sofie Boersting
10. I bought a new candle from Belgium as I am collecting candles


birthday candles

I had a great week and it felt good to be spoiled!
I hope you also take care of yourself!


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