Lessonichic 1

This is a new category: “Lessonichic” and it is about the lessons of life!
Yes life teaches us some things… sometimes in a pleasant way.. other in a very brutal way. So what has life taught me on “being alone” or in other words “spending time with myself”?


Well….I  work in a very crowded business area in Paris.
I work in a department with 20 persons sharing the same open space. I see I hear people all the time and I like it in a way but at the end of the day it is nice to get some peace and quietness. I live in a small village outside Paris and on my way home I can feel the pulse of the city behind me and I am then “entering” the world of nature! I can see horses, beautiful trees, houses on the roadside… I am slowly relaxing…

We live in a world where we are connected nearly all the time.. yes so many social networks! But are we connected to ourselves?

Being alone helps me to evacuate “toxic” thoughts and words. We hear and see so many bad/negative things every day and it is nice to refill our mind with peaceful thoughts.
Being alone helps me not to care about other people expectations for a while. Sometimes we feel a pressure from others and we do things just to please them. It is important to connect to our own dreams, goals, etc…
Being alone helps me to take care of myself and do activities I enjoy, to treat my body, to renew my mind, to upload new strength, to get creative, etc….
The more I spend time with myself, take care of myself, feel good about myself, love myself….the more I can give to others, love others!


There is nothing wrong on being all alone once in a while…


The more you are in peace with yourself the more you will be in peace with others!


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