I’ve just bought this wonderful “frenchic” product, a balm from the brand “L’Officine universelle Buly”. (The word “officine” in french means “the laboratory of a pharmacist“). The balm must be warmed between the hands before using it. It is made of chamomile water and it is perfect for my very dry hands and feet. It does not contain paraben or silicon but only natural ingredients. The packaging is very chic and elegant!

buly 16

Visiting Buly’s shop in Paris which is closed to “Le Pont des Arts” is also a wonderful experience. Please enter one of the most charming little shop and follow me…

The entrance of the shop is beautifully decorated with old portraits on the walls, candles on a wood counter and there is the floor…..



The floor is just beautiful and can be also be found in the main room or “in the pharmacist laboratory”…

There is a small corner with a desk that make you travel to 1803…


Beautiful flacons are everywhere….


L’Officicine universelle de Buly: a frenchic place to visit!


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