Lessonichic 2

Today…the 14th of July 2016….it is national day here in France. There are fireworks in many french cities, military parades, military pilots flying , etc…
Last year….the 14th of July 2015…I got the opportunity to fly in a small aircraft (next to an experimented pilot of course!) and it was absolutely fantastic! I would actually love to learn to fly, take some courses but it is quite expensive….maybe one day… you never know!!! But at least now I know what it is!
The excitement and the beauty of the landscape, the feeling of freedom took over the nervousness. My fear once up there vanished easily!

This moment made me forget the challenges I was going through at that time (and I am not totally over yet!). Life can be very tough but some time it offers us some “breathing breaks”, some experiences, some people, some moments that makes us happy, laugh, breath, enjoy….and we need to embrace those moments, to live them fully!

FLY 20

FLY gros


Ready to take off….

FLY 26

Co-piloting…. ( I wish! but joking)

fly fly fly

FLY 24

The view over Le Vexin, a beautiful area in France








I am happy! I did it!



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