Lessonichic 3

After a weekend in the very charming city of Lille and a busy week at work I haven’t got the time to post anything for a while but well….things take time. That is a lesson life has been teaching me a lot! Be patient, things take time. As I am more into action being patient has been really challenging for me. I don’t like to wait!



But I found out that sometimes there is a natural process you cannot control, just like this flower opening up little by little….


Sometimes you need to be prepared in your mind, in your heart. You cannot see this preparation as it takes place inside of you and you might think “Nothing is happening in my life!”
Sometimes you need a change in the way you see things and that does not happen in a day! Things need to mature…


Don’t be too “pushy” for things to happen in your life, it can be a new job, a house, a husband or wife, a child, ….
You might ended up being frustrated and irritable and people around you might not enjoy you presence!
You might end up not enjoying the present moment!



Let it go because very often it is when you let go that things happen to you!



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