Christmas preparations

I am really looking forward to Christmas as I will be heading to the south of France to spend time with my family. I have tough tried to create a little bit of Christmas atmosphere at home. I would like to have a Christmas tree but as I do not have so much space I alternatively chose to take some tree branches and decorate them with beautiful baubles…..


or other ornaments such as this Magnolia leaf from the Danish brand Georg Jensen


I recently bought this Christmas candle jar from the french brand Bloolands which contains a little LED lamp lighting on automatically at the same time every day.


Small angels light up the stairs every evening…


There is one thing I particularly like to do… it is to create my own Christmas cards and envelops. I find it more personal and special in a way. My family and friends will receive a personal message written by hands in a special envelop made by me. I like that idea! So here is how I created my own cards and envelops:

  • I chose a picture I took last year at Christmas time ( the calendar candle at the right top on the picture here below) and make it as postcards. (I used the printing company Cewe but you can use the one you want!)
  • I wrote a personal and encouraging message on the postcards
  • I selected some nice ads/pages from magazines or catalogues related of course to Christmas and fold them as envelops.
  • I wrote adresses directly on the envelop or tape a white label on depending on the background. Adresses have to be visible!



Finally I bought some beautiful Amaryllis!


What are your Christmas preparations?

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