Weekend activity

This weekend I sorted my piles of magazines and kept interesting articles in my notebooks. Yes I have notebooks! I like to be part of the digital world but I also like to cut, paste, draw, write on notebooks. I have many and here below is a glimpse of what I keep in them…



  • Articles, quotes, pictures of people I find interesting, beautiful, inspiring, fascinating… such as the Danish designer Malene Birger… She has such a good taste!


…. or Denmark’s crown princess, Mary. She is a very stylish woman with an exemplary humility.


  • Fashion ideas, outfits, style. My goal is not to buy all the expensive clothes featured in magazines but it is to get ideas on how to match colours, patterns, etc… and find cheaper clothes that can give a similar look.


  • Inspirations for my home. I love to decorate my home and I get very often ideas from magazines about wall colours, plants, furniture… and décor objects such as…. vases. This is my current obsession!



  • Photography inspiration. I like to take pictures and it is good to get some great ideas!


  • Places I want to visit…. such as “l’île de Ré and l’île d’Yeu”, two small islands off the west coast of France or the restaurant Loulou in Paris, designed by the architect Joseph Dirand.



  • Ideas for my paintings and drawings. I get creative ideas on how to match techniques, colours and it makes me realize that everything is possible!


  • Recipes… because one Sunday afternoon I will want to cook or bake something but just don’t know what!


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