When I draw and paint…

I am working at an Insurance Company and believe me there is no place for creativity. Even though I like my job I feel like I can not express a part of me that really wants to “get out”. So instead of being frustrated I started to be creative at home. I even decided to take some lessons about drawing and painting. I started in September this year and I do not regret it at all!

When I draw and paint I am “somewhere else”, on another planet forgetting about everything bad and it feels so good! It helps me to enjoy the present moment, to focus on one thing at a time and not stress about tomorrow.

When I draw and paint I connect to myself, I express parts of me, I learn to be patient. It challenges me as well as there is always new techniques to master, new tools to use. I never stop learning…

Here below are some of my paintings and drawings. It is not perfect but it is me and I am proud of my work!

INK 1dessin 1dessin 2

Le weekend

As this week has been very busy and exhausting my plans for the weekend was really to do things that refresh me, help me to relax. So yesterday I decided to visit an exhibition about Chinese/Japanese ink and calligraphy at “Le Musée Guimet” in Paris, in the 16th arrondissement. The Museum is a beautiful place. I love the architectural stairs and the light that illuminates all the pieces of art. The exhibition was really interesting as I love to draw and paint with Chinese ink. There is something simple, harmonious and peaceful about the Japanese culture…

Enjoy the pictures and have a great Sunday!

guimet 1guimet 2guimet 3guimet 4guimet 12

guimet 6guimet 7guimet 9guimet 10

guimet 15guimet 16guimet 19guimet 17

guimet 18

The view from the museum to Paris is beautiful!

guimet 14.jpg


Dyptiqu’addict….la suite

I managed to go to the cocktail organized by the Dyptique shop located in Versailles just next to the Château for the launching of their Christmas candles. I went there after work and I could admire all the lights of the city. It was beautiful!

I ended up buying the “Sapin” candle and got a little package filled wit gifts and samples!





I am a big fan of the brand “Dyptique”. I love their candles, their perfume, their packaging, ….. basically I love everything they do!

This summer I bought “L’ombre de l’eau” as perfume oil roll-on. It is an alcohol-free oil and I can roll it on my skin several times during the day. I have it in my bag in its elegant “etui”.

Last week I received the most beautiful invitation from their beautiful shop in Versailles to a cocktail where we can discover their new collection “Forêts imaginaires”.


invitation 5

Here below are some pictures of the beautiful shop in Versailles. I love the decoration of the wall! I hope I will be able to attend to the cocktail and share some great pictures!

dyptiquemagasin 1dyptiquemagasin2

Stay tuned and have a nice week!