“Powder pink” outfit

It is a rainy day today. My plan was to walk around the city and do some shopping so I prepared my outfit for the day: brown leather skirt and “powder pink” tops…

pourpre 5

pourpre 4

But suddenly it began pouring down rain and I decided to stay home….

pourpre 3

So change of plans! I am going to stay home, drink coffee and…..

  • book a spa weekend in march
  • write down my birthday wish list
  • admire Claire Basler paintings from her book
  • draw and paint
  • find inspiration in old magazines
  • preparing some great blog posts
  • finish the book from Joel Dicker

pourpre 7

pourpre 9

Have a great Saturday!

Stylish with sneakers

I love high heels shoes! They just make a woman very elegant.
But we can’t wear high heels all the time right?
When you are visiting new places, exploring a big city….it is just not comfy to wear high heels shoes. Nowadays we can find some great flat shoes such as ballerinas, derbies or sneakers that are quite stylish.
I bought those black sneakers and I find them actually very stylish, chic and comfy.
I  wear them with jeans, black pants, skirts and I can even wear them at work on casual Fridays!

casual 1

casual 3

casual 8

casual 11 casual 6

casual 12

My style in an automn day….

In an autumn day….
I went to the beautiful Château of Saint-Germain-en-Laye. Everybody knows Le Château de Versailles but few people know this Château which was the residence of several French kings and also of Louis XIV before moving to Versailles. It houses now the national Museum of Archaeology.
The elegant park is the fruit of the work of the famous gardener André le Nôtre. Walking around in the park it feels like going in a “little” Versailles!

The view over la Seine and Paris is beautiful and you can even see the top of the Eiffel Tower. You can admire the view in the evening with all the lights while enjoying a very nice meal in the restaurant called “Le pavillon Henri IV”. This is one of my favourite restaurant!

(all pictures are personal) Chateau 3 Chateau 4

Chateau 2 Chateau 1

Chateau 7 Chateau 6 Chateau 9 Chateau 10 Chateau 11

Chateau 12 Chateau 13 Chateau 14

Chateau 17

Chateau 20 Chateau 19 Chateau 21

Chateau 22 Chateau 23 Chateau 24