IconiChic: if I were a pen…

… I will be  the “Meisterstück” fountain pen by Montblanc which is in my eyes very very chic and classy. Mine on the picture here below is not a fountain pen but it is a gift from a good friend and I love it.
This IconiChic pen is the result of innovation. It all started in 1906 when German banker Alfred Nehemias and engineer August Eberstein got inspired by a fountain pen they saw when in America. The pen had a built-in reservoir so no need to dip it in ink. People could then easily travel with their pen! Back to germany the partners decided to create their own version of the pen they saw in America. After a while they decided to adopt the name of Mont-Blanc and added the star emblem representing the snow-covered peak of the tallest mountain in Europe but also quality and craftmanship.

….je serai le stylo à encre “Meisterstück” de la marque Montblanc qui est à mes yeux très “classe”. Le mien sur les photos ci-dessous n’est pas un stylo à encre mais c’est un cadeau d’un ami et je l’adore!
L’emblématique stylo est le résultat d’une innovation. Tout a commencé en 1906 lorsque le banquier Alfred Nehemias et l’ingénieur August Eberstein sont en admiration devant un stylo à encre qu’ils découvrent lors d’un voyage en Amérique. Le stylo avait une cartouche d’encre intégrée donc plus besoin d’un encrier! De retour en Allemagne, les partenaires décident de créer leur propre version du stylo. Quelques années après, ils choisiront le nom de Montblanc et ils ajouteront l’étoile blanche comme emblème représentant non seulement la pointe recouverte de neige de la montagne la plus élevée d’Europe mais aussi la qualité et l’artisanat. 





Iconichic: if I were…a CHAIR…

…I would be the “Wishbone” chair by the Danish designer Hans Wegner. (Iconichic is a new category where I will present you some great chic icon products…so stay tuned!)
One day I will buy one of this chair….that’s for sure! I am just in love with it! I will place it in my home office and sit on it while painting, drawing, reading, getting inspiration etc….
In Danish it is called “Y-stole”because the back has a Y shape. Hans Wegner was a carpenter’s apprentice before attending the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen. After his studies he went into architecture. Hans Wegner created the chair for the furniture company Carl Hansen & Soen which still sells the chair. Please visit their website to get more inspiration http://shop.carlhansen.dk/om-y-stolen/
I like this chair because of the elegant shape, the quality of the tree, the classic design which endures forever…the wishbone chair is just an “iconichic” chair!

chair tegning
personal picture: me drawing my favourite chair

All pictures here below comes from Pinterest.



Have a great weekend!