Spain…through the façades

As you can see here below I took a lot of pictures of buildings façades when I was in Spain at the beginning of June. I just love the architecture and the lively colours!
Comme vous pouvez le constater, j’ai pris pas mal de photos des façades de bâtiments lorsque j’étais en Espagne début Juin. J’adore non seulement l’architecture mais aussi les couleurs très vivantes!

spain 1

spain 6

spain 11

spain 3

spain 10

spain 13

spain 7

spain 5

spain 2

spain 4

spain 9

spain 8

Blue & White in Frigiliana

At the beginning of June I spent a week in Spain, in Andalusia precisely and I visited a very charming village called Frigiliana. It is located in the area of Malaga, next to the city of Nerja known for its caves and it is one of the most beautiful village in Spain called “a pueblo blanco”, a “white village” because all houses are white!
Please follow me through the narrow streets of the village….

Début juin, j’ai passé une semaine de vacances en Espagne et plus précisément en Andalousie et j’ai visité le village Frigiliana. Il est situé dans la province de Malaga, pas très loin de Nerja, connue pour ses grottes et il est renommé pour être l’un des plus beaux villages d’Espagne. Il fait parti des “villages blancs” (pueblo blanco) car pratiquement toutes les maisons sont blanches!
Je vous emmène faire un tour dans les petites ruelles très étroites du village…

fri 1


fri 12

fri 14

fri 13

fri 17

fri 5


fri 2

fri 4

fri 11

…. and bleu

fri 19

fri 18

fri 15

fri 20

fri 3

fri 9

fri 16

fri 10


I really like the following definition of the word “vacance” (vacation in french) from the french travel magazine “Vacance”:
Vacance = from latin “Vacare”
Period of availability, taking a break in order to reconnect to the world and to others, invitation to pause the incessant time chasing.
J’aime beaucoup la définition du mot vacance dans le magazine de voyage “Vacance” que j’ai découvert récemment et qui est la suivante:
Vacance = nom féminin, du latin “vacare”
Temps de disponibilité, parenthèse de reconnexion au monde et aux autres, invitation à ouvrir une pause dans la course au temps. 

vacance 40

I just came back from a week of vacation spent with my family in the Lyon area  but I am already thinking of the next holidays…
I like to spend time in France, with my family but I love to travel as well and discover new countries, new cultures and meet new people. Travelling is a way to open up to the world and get richer of new experiences so I love flipping through travel magazines that will inspire me with lots of good ideas and beautiful pictures. Here are some of my favorite travel magazines…
Je reviens tout juste d’une semaine de vacances passée dans la région lyonnaise avec ma famille et je pense déjà aux prochaines…
J’aime passer des vacances en France, auprès de ma famille mais j’adore voyager et découvrir de nouveaux pays, de nouvelles cultures et faire la connaissance de nouvelles personnes. Voyager c’est s’ouvrir au monde et s’enrichir de nouvelles expériences alors j’adore feuilleter des magazines de voyage qui vont m’inspirer avec plein de bonnes idées et de très belles photos. Voici quelques-uns de mes magazines de voyages préférés..

vacance 31

I just discovered this French travel magazine and I am delighted! It is published by “Voyageurs du monde”, a travel agency with strong values provinding tailor-made trips. I  invite you to visit their site (only in french though) and purchase their magazine.
Je viens tout juste de découvrir ce magazine de voyage Français et j’en suis ravie! Il est édité par “Voyageurs du monde”, une agence de voyages aux valeurs très fortes proposant des voyages “sur mesure” donc très personnalisés. Je vous invite fortement à visiter leur site ici et à commander gratuitement leur magnifique magazine. 

vacance 33

vacance 20

The magazine offers a little tour around the world in 6 months with a new destination every month. I particularly enjoyed Mozambique and Sri Lanka….
Le magazine propose un petit tour du monde en 6 mois avec une nouvelle destination chaque mois. J’ai particulièrement apprécié le Mozambique et le Sri Lanka….

vacance 24

… but I was delighted to discover the little Andalusian village El Rocio and its pilgrimage of Pentecost. The pictures are sublime.
…mais surtout j’ai été enchantée de découvrir le petit village andalou El Rocio et son pèlerinage de Pentecôte. Les photos sont sublimes. 




2. Suitcase –
I like this magazine because it combines travel and fashion including good tips and fashion pictures taken in beautiful places.
J’aime beaucoup ce magazine car il combine voyage et mode offrant de bons conseils et des photos de mode prises dans des endroits sublimes. 

vacance 27

I got inspired by an article about “a weekend in Florence”, a city I wish to visit very soon!(article in volume 15)
Je vais notamment m’inspirer des conseils offerts sur la ville de Florence (article dans le volume 15) que je souhaite visiter très prochainement j’espère! 

vacance 26

vacance 25

3. Condé Nast traveler, american edition 
The last one is the Condé Nast traveler, american edition. I like it because it makes you travel to chic and elegant places. It has in my opinion a ” je ne sais quoi” of a classy “James Bond or Grace Kelly” touch. I particularly enjoyed the “Italy edition” (volume II, 2018).
Le dernier magazine est le Condé Nast traveler, édition américaine. Il vous fait voyager vers des endroits chics et élégants. Il a un “je ne sais quoi” de classique chic, une petite touche de “James Bond ou Grace Kelly”. J’ai adoré l’édition Italie ( volume II, 2018).

vacance 30

vacance 29

“Hygge” in Copenhagen

Even though it was cold and rainy I had a very good time in Copenhagen visiting friends, walking around the city without getting “hit” by a bike, admiring the colourful houses, drinking coffee… it was “hyggeligt”! ( cosy in Danish)

DK 8

DK 9

DK 11

DK 19

DK 6

DK 7

I went to the top of the Round tower (Rundtaarn) which was built as an observatory and which offers wonderful views over the city.

DK 18

DK 12

DK 13

The “Kissing bench” at the top of the Round Tower

DK 17

DK 15

DK 14

I visited the “Glyptotek”, an interesting museum with great collections of Danish and French arts…. but also masterpieces from Egyptian, Roman and Greek collections.

DK 23

DK 25

DK 29

DK 22

DK 26

My favorite sculpture here below

DK 31

DK 30

I enjoyed a good cup of coffee at the Café of the Glyptotek….

DK 21

DK 20

…. and relaxed for a while in the Winter Garden

DK 27

I went to my favorite pizza place in Copenhagen which is Tino’s located in the area called “Christianshavn”. Buy a pizza there and find a spot next to the canals…and it will be “hyggeligt”!

DK 10

Thanks for this time Copenhagen…. see you soon hopefully!

DK 5

DK 4

DK 3

DK 2




Copenhagen…under a magnifying glass

Yesterday morning I stayed a little bit long in bed and had a look at the beautiful city guide Copenhagen by Cereal Magazine and the latest edition of Rum International. I lived in Copenhagen many years ago and even though I have already some ideas of what I want to see, where I want to eat I was curious to see what is recommended to visit. I will be there in May for a few days so I won’t have a lot of time but here below are some of the things I really want to do….


COP 11

  1. Walk around the city centre and admire the colourful houses…


2. Bike around the city without being afraid of getting hit by a car…


3. Go all the way up to the “Round Tower” to admire to magnificent view…

COP 13.jpg

4. Enjoy a little “tour” in the botanical garden….


5. Shop “Made in Denmark” stuff….


6. Eat at some of my favorite restaurants together with friends…. (I will tell you more about my favorite pizza place in Copenhagen after my trip!)

cop 16

7. Visit Tivoli, the famous amusement park located in the centre of the city…

COP 12

Copenhagen… I am looking forward to see you again! Thanks for being such a “hyggelig” city!