Portrait of a non-frenchic woman: Malene Birger

I have big respect for people who start things from scratch… who create something wonderful out of nothing…who are passionate and visionary…who are courageous and hard-working…who stay humble despite success.
I have big respect for Malene Birger because she is one of “them”!
She started the famous brand By Malene Birger in 2003 and what a “parcours”!
She is not involved anymore in the fashion business but she started in 2014 an interior company called Birger1962 dedicated to art, interior, decoration.portrait

I have been collecting articles about her, pictures of her homes, etc…and she is such a great source of inspiration. I admire her creativity, great taste and style. My favourite piece of clothes is actually a top from By Malene Birger and I will keep it the rest of my life even if at some point it won’t fit me anymore….





Some of MB quotes:
You cannot plan success. Success is hard work and dedication with a constant focus on what comes next.”
Life without change is life without development, new challenges or experiences.
“I don’t just want to survive. I want to live

Some of MB fashion collection outfits:

Malene Birger designed clothes women can easily bear every day, quite affordable and elegant. Here below are some of  my favourites from AW collections 2010 and 2011.

(images from vogue.uk/runway)

Some of MB homes:

Malene Birger lived in Copenhagen, Mallorca and  lives now in London. Her two books “Life and work” and “Move and work” shows her homes decorated with great style and strong personality. I really recommend them!

(Images from Pinterest)

Some of MB paintings:


(Image from flair-magazine.de)

 You can see more of her paintings on the website http://www.birger1962.com/ where you an buy her paintings like this one here below:


(Image from http://www.birger1962.com)