Swedichic interior

I just can’t stop looking at the pictures of this Swedish apartment again and again…. it makes me dream and gives me a lot of ideas! So let’s visit this apartment…

  1. The kitchen:


I like the contrast between the rustic table and the modern white kitchen


The marble worktop gives a very elegant touch to the kitchen


Decoration details


2. The living room


I do not like when there are too much furniture in a room; I find it oppressing. In this living room….you can breathe! It is cozy, simple and elegant.


I love the window that separates the living room from the workspace.

5649603 5649597

3. The workspace


I love the velours chair and the marble table



4. The bedroom



The pictures comes from ENTRANCE, a Swedish Real Estate agency.


I could live there…

As mentioned in my bio I lived in Copenhagen and Malmö for 12 years. Yes time flies! Anyway….
While living in Scandinavia I totally fell in love with their style. “Scandy” people are very good at making their home simply beautiful, elegant, cozy!
I would like to show you the home of a Swedish blogger called Johanna Bradford (all the pictures here below come from her blog: http://www.johannabradford.se)

What to say??!!!…..just that I could live there….



“Through the pages”…

Through the pages“….of magazines is a new category and I hope you will appreciate it. As I am a big fan of magazines I would like to share with you extracts/articles I particularly find interesting, beautiful, inspiring…

This week I will start with one of my favourite magazines which is ELLE DECORATION DENMARK. The extract is from January 2016 magazine and it shows Cille Grut’s home which is a Danish stylist. I love the grey colours, wood and leather furniture and the industrial touch!

elle deco dk 1

elle deco dk 2elle deco dk 3

elle deco dk 8

elle deco dk 6

elle deco dk 4

elle deco dk 5

elle deco dk 7

Enjoy your weekend!

Frank is just fantastic!

As I mentioned in my previous article I lived in Sweden and Denmark before moving back to France and I must say that danish and swedish homes are just beautiful. Here are some characteristics of scandinavian homes:

  1.  Danes and swedes, because it gets dark very early, will do all they can to invite natural light in their home. They like big windows and no shutters!
  2. They do not like to fill their home with a lot of furniture. They like space and they will choose practical, light, simple, elegant furniture
  3. They like wooden floor rather than tiles at it is warmer

You can see some great swedish homes by visiting Fantastic Frank who is a swedish real estate agency and here below are some pictures of one of their apartment for sale! More pictures here: http://www.fantasticfrank.se/

apartment 3

aparmtent 4

I apartment 4aparmtent 5