Weekend activities: moodboard

One of my favourite activity during weekends is finding inspiration for my moodboards. Here below are my advices  to create a great moodboard:

  1. Choose a colour or a theme that will be present in nearly all the pictures of your moodboard; that will give an harmony and kind of natural flow
  2. Go through magazines, personal pictures, catalogues, personal notes from friends and family and select some pictures that will match the choosen theme.
  3. Play with your pictures on the floor before hanging them

Here below is the moodboard in my bedroom. I wanted to have mainly black and white pictures with a pink touch!

Moodboard 1

In the kitchen….

Moodboard 2

Here below is a moodboard from Aslaug Sand, a Danish designer I am following on Instagram ( https://instagram.com/aslaug_sand).

moodboard 3

Green and plants will be the themes of my next moodboard…
Have a great weekend!

My style in an automn day….

In an autumn day….
I went to the beautiful Château of Saint-Germain-en-Laye. Everybody knows Le Château de Versailles but few people know this Château which was the residence of several French kings and also of Louis XIV before moving to Versailles. It houses now the national Museum of Archaeology.
The elegant park is the fruit of the work of the famous gardener André le Nôtre. Walking around in the park it feels like going in a “little” Versailles!

The view over la Seine and Paris is beautiful and you can even see the top of the Eiffel Tower. You can admire the view in the evening with all the lights while enjoying a very nice meal in the restaurant called “Le pavillon Henri IV”. This is one of my favourite restaurant!

(all pictures are personal) Chateau 3 Chateau 4

Chateau 2 Chateau 1

Chateau 7 Chateau 6 Chateau 9 Chateau 10 Chateau 11

Chateau 12 Chateau 13 Chateau 14

Chateau 17

Chateau 20 Chateau 19 Chateau 21

Chateau 22 Chateau 23 Chateau 24

A Frenchic brand: Leon & Harper

I love Friday evenings…
I generally do not plan anything on Friday evenings as I love being at home
Le vendredi soir“… I usually enjoy a glass of wine or a cocktail, wear comfy in wear clothes, light some candles, order sushi or buy Lebanese food from a very good take away restaurant, read blogs and magazines or… find inspiration from Pinterest.

I’ve just discovered a great Frenchic brand called Leon & Harper and I really wanted to share some fantastic outfits from their collection Fall/Winter 2015. (Source Leon & Harper on Pinterest)

Enjoy “le vendredi soir“!
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The misconception of being elegant: expensive clothes

Don’t get me wrong!

I love expensive, quality fashion brands. I would love for example to own a very classic beautiful Hermès carré or a Chanel bag or a Burberry trench coat. But the reality is that I don’t have the money to buy clothes from very expensive brands all the time.
If I have something in mind like the Hermès carré I would have to save the money. I don’t buy stuff if I don’t have the money for it. Et oui c’est la vie!

So sometimes I get tired of some fashion blogs which show outfits that consist ONLY in very expensive clothes. It is just a display of brands from head to toe!
Some women  must have a very high clothes budget! That is good for them if they have. But we do not all have  the same budget.
So for me those outfits are inspiring but I find alternatives clothes that fit my budget. Sometimes it surprises me that the best compliments regarding my outfits concern the cheapest clothes I have ever bought!

So please don’t think you cannot be elegant because you can’t afford expensive clothes. Please don’t think that!

  • Accept the fact that your budget for clothes is just not the same as this girl with the very expensive brands. Do not put yourself in a bad financial situation because you absolutely want the bag or the dress that costs a fortune.
  • If you want an expensive piece choose a classic one that you will keep for a long time and start saving money for it. You will be very proud of yourself when buying it as you worked hard, showed patience and controlled yourself! Oui! You can do it!

To be elegant is first of all to feel good “dans la tête et dans son corps”!


Frenchic homes: an apartment in Lyon

I just can’t stop looking at the pictures of this beautiful apartment located in Lyon, the city where I studied, worked and used to live. I found the pictures on the website of Maison Hand, French architects and interior decorators. You can see more of their work by visiting their website http://www.maison-hand.com/. In my opinion they are very good at creating cosy, personal, harmonious homes with a touch of “chicness and elegance”. I will start a series of posts regarding the elements of a frenchic home so stay tuned and enjoy the pictures!

elle-decoration-fevrier-2011-SC015     elle-decoration-fevrier-2011-SC016

elle-decoration-fevrier-2011-SC032 elle-decoration-fevrier-2011-SC035


source: http://www.maison-hand.com/
source: http://www.maison-hand.com/

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