Copenhagen…under a magnifying glass

Yesterday morning I stayed a little bit long in bed and had a look at the beautiful city guide Copenhagen by Cereal Magazine and the latest edition of Rum International. I lived in Copenhagen many years ago and even though I have already some ideas of what I want to see, where I want to eat I was curious to see what is recommended to visit. I will be there in May for a few days so I won’t have a lot of time but here below are some of the things I really want to do….


COP 11

  1. Walk around the city centre and admire the colourful houses…


2. Bike around the city without being afraid of getting hit by a car…


3. Go all the way up to the “Round Tower” to admire to magnificent view…

COP 13.jpg

4. Enjoy a little “tour” in the botanical garden….


5. Shop “Made in Denmark” stuff….


6. Eat at some of my favorite restaurants together with friends…. (I will tell you more about my favorite pizza place in Copenhagen after my trip!)

cop 16

7. Visit Tivoli, the famous amusement park located in the centre of the city…

COP 12

Copenhagen… I am looking forward to see you again! Thanks for being such a “hyggelig” city!


My 10 favorite coffee table books

After nearly two weeks spent on the kenyan beach and savannah enjoying a temperature of 33 degrees (Celsius) I am now back in Paris where it is freezing and snowing. As today is my last vacation day before going back to work on Monday and as I feel nostalgic about my wonderful vacations ( I really want to go back!!! pictures will soon follow)  I needed to do something relaxing, inspiring and uplifting so I had a look at some of my coffee table books. Here below are my top 10….

BOOK 6 bis.jpg

1. “Life and work” from the Danish fashion designer Malene Birger.
The book contains beautiful pictures of Malene’s homes in Mallorca where she used to live and in Copenhagen.


2. “Move and work” from Malene Birger.
It again contains pictures of her homes but also of her arts, showrooms as she stopped as fashion designer and started an art and interior collection few years ago. I personally find her graphic ink drawings very inspiring as I am drawing and painting with black ink as well.



3. “Pierre Soulages“.
This is a catalogue exposition about the french painter Pierre Soulages, known for his black and abstract work and it is a great source of inspiration for me as I have a passion for black ink and other techniques used by the artist.



4. “Elle decoration country“.
I display these magazines as coffee table books as they look like it and illustrates beautiful homes in the countryside.


5. “The Kinfolk home.
I already mentioned this book in this previous post and I appreciate it as it is encouraging us to create homes where we can “slow down”.


6. “Cereal“.
Like number 4, I display them as coffee table books and I enjoy their invitation for travel through astonishing pictures. I also have their Copenhagen and Paris city guides.


7. “The natural home” from stylist Hans Blomquist.
I’ve had this book for many years now but I can spend a lot of time looking at it again and again and still be in awe of the fantastic pictures showing still life, homes with natural look. This book is a “must”!




8. “Bringing nature home” from lifestyle photographer Ngoc Minh Ngo
I love flowers and I love this book for its simplicity and practical tips. It includes inspiring pictures and tips about floral arrangements, seasonal bouquets in order to “bring nature home”.




9. “La botanique de Rousseau”.
This book is in french and I don’t think it is actually available in other langages. As botany is a source of inspiration for my drawings and paintings I find great “models” in this book. The book reflects the passion of the french writer Rousseau for botanical science and includes paintings from Pierre-Joseph Redouté.


10. “Claire Basler“.
As you can read in my previous posts here I visited the beautiful Château of the artist Claire Basler where she lives and also exposes her work. The book is a reflection of this beautiful place and amazing work.


I have many other art books about Caillebotte, Picasso, Braque, Hopper…. but that will certainly be the subject of a new blogpost!


Have a nice weekend!