Lessonichic 4

Last Saturday we invited one of our friend for lunch and she had the most beautiful bouquet of hydrangeas! The “pompoms” are just huge and have a magnificent purple colour ! Our friend felt a little bit sorry saying that unfortunately they don’t last very long! But it does not matter because I am going to enjoy them as they are NOW! And this is a thing I am not very good at in my life I must admit: ENJOY NOW! EMBRACE THE PRESENT MOMENT!
I like to plan, to organize, to prepare in advance, etc… and I think a lot about the future (which is not a bad thing) but I have a tendency to forget the present! It is like I am always living in the future!
I need to learn to be content and satisfied with what I have now! I want to enjoy everyday, small things, now while I still have dreams for the future!
I am not where I want to be yet but I want to enjoy the journey on my way to the final destination!
What’s about you?






Scandy-chic stuff

I love hydrangeas (or hortensias in french) not only because they are beautiful but also because they are quite easy to take care of. I like the big colourful “pompons” but they get dry as the winter approaches. And so get my hands… dry… very dry actually!


20160714_111112 20160714_111139

As I lived in Scandinavia more than ten years I got to try their skincare products and there is one I am particularly fond of: the hand cream from the Danish brand Rudolph Care. it contains the famous berry from Brazil called Acai and which has a lot of antioxidants. It is very fast-absorbing and hydrating and it keeps my skin very soft.



I use this hand cream very much all winter and my skin, as the hydrangeas, gets soft and nice again! This is definitely a great “Scandy-chic stuff”!

20160717_080955 20160714_111144