During my holidays I visited the pretty little town Viviers, located in Ardèche and that is definitely worth a visit even though there are not a lot to do. Through many monuments including the elegant town hall which is a former episcopal palace and the Cathedral of St. Vincent the city was able to preserve traces of its past. I really invite you to walk in the narrow alleys and go to the Belvedere of Châteauvieux to admire the fantastic panorama on the rooftops of the town. You can also finish the visit as we did by having lunch in a small local restaurant.
Pendant mes vacances j’ai visité la jolie petite ville de Viviers, située en Ardèche et qui vaut vraiment le détour et cela même si il y a peu de choses à faire. Au travers de nombreux monuments dont la mairie qui est un ancien palais épiscopal et que je trouve très élégant et la cathédrale Saint-Vincent la ville a pu conserver des empreintes de son passé. Je vous invite vraiment à vous promener dans les petites ruelles étroites et vous rendre jusqu’au belvédère de Châteauvieux afin d’admirer le superbe panorama sur les toits du village. Vous pouvez également terminer comme nous l’avons fait par déjeuner dans un petit restaurant local!

viviers 14

viviers 13

viviers 17

viviers 15

viviers 16

viviers 18

viviers 12

viviers 10

viviers 4

viviers 8

viviers 7

viviers 1

viviers 11

viviers 3

viviers 2

viviers 5

viviers 6

Spain…through the façades

As you can see here below I took a lot of pictures of buildings façades when I was in Spain at the beginning of June. I just love the architecture and the lively colours!
Comme vous pouvez le constater, j’ai pris pas mal de photos des façades de bâtiments lorsque j’étais en Espagne début Juin. J’adore non seulement l’architecture mais aussi les couleurs très vivantes!

spain 1

spain 6

spain 11

spain 3

spain 10

spain 13

spain 7

spain 5

spain 2

spain 4

spain 9

spain 8

Blue & White in Frigiliana

At the beginning of June I spent a week in Spain, in Andalusia precisely and I visited a very charming village called Frigiliana. It is located in the area of Malaga, next to the city of Nerja known for its caves and it is one of the most beautiful village in Spain called “a pueblo blanco”, a “white village” because all houses are white!
Please follow me through the narrow streets of the village….

Début juin, j’ai passé une semaine de vacances en Espagne et plus précisément en Andalousie et j’ai visité le village Frigiliana. Il est situé dans la province de Malaga, pas très loin de Nerja, connue pour ses grottes et il est renommé pour être l’un des plus beaux villages d’Espagne. Il fait parti des “villages blancs” (pueblo blanco) car pratiquement toutes les maisons sont blanches!
Je vous emmène faire un tour dans les petites ruelles très étroites du village…

fri 1


fri 12

fri 14

fri 13

fri 17

fri 5


fri 2

fri 4

fri 11

…. and bleu

fri 19

fri 18

fri 15

fri 20

fri 3

fri 9

fri 16

fri 10


Jambo! Jambo! (“hello” in swahili) ….
At the end of January I went for the first time in my life to Africa. Why Kenya? Well well well…. it all started by the desire to visit a place I’ve never been before…to enjoy sun, warmth and beautiful beaches…to avoid jetlag…to stay in small bungalows rather than big ugly hotels…to lay on the beach without being to close to people…. so Kenya was the winner!
The kenyan coast is beautiful and offered me all I wanted: sun, warmth, majestic Diani beach, white sand, peace and quietness, relaxation, farniente, ….
But what I did not expect from Kenya was the impact of the rough African savannah. Going on a Safari was not planned and was a spontaneous decision while being down there. But what an experience! Nature invaded me totally.
It is fun to drive through the savannah being alert all the time hoping to see as many animals as possible.
It is wonderful to see animals being totally free in their natural element.
It is humbling to experience that the savannah is not your territory, you are not mastering the place, you get the right to come in but you have to respect the rules. The One who created all of that is bigger than you.
It is fantastic to fall asleep with the sound of elephants rather than the sound of cars horning, crowd noise, people yelling on the phone, tv, etc….
In the savannah you forget the stress of the city and you embrace nature! It is so resourcing and relaxing! I still have pictures in my mind of this beautiful experience! I love nature and I need nature! Here below are 16 details of my vacations! I hope you will enjoy….

  1. The hotel’s reception



2. Bungalows



3. Monkeys running around


4. Perfect spot



5. The sound of palms



6. Coconut directly from the tree


7. Cocktails



8. Simple fishermen boats



9. Majestic beach





10. The pool


11. Early mornings



12. Late evenings



13. Our lodge



14. The view at lunch time


15. The surroundings at breakfast time


15. The savannah




16. The savannah’s inhabitants






Thank you Kenya!


Weekend activity

This weekend I sorted my piles of magazines and kept interesting articles in my notebooks. Yes I have notebooks! I like to be part of the digital world but I also like to cut, paste, draw, write on notebooks. I have many and here below is a glimpse of what I keep in them…



  • Articles, quotes, pictures of people I find interesting, beautiful, inspiring, fascinating… such as the Danish designer Malene Birger… She has such a good taste!


…. or Denmark’s crown princess, Mary. She is a very stylish woman with an exemplary humility.


  • Fashion ideas, outfits, style. My goal is not to buy all the expensive clothes featured in magazines but it is to get ideas on how to match colours, patterns, etc… and find cheaper clothes that can give a similar look.


  • Inspirations for my home. I love to decorate my home and I get very often ideas from magazines about wall colours, plants, furniture… and décor objects such as…. vases. This is my current obsession!



  • Photography inspiration. I like to take pictures and it is good to get some great ideas!


  • Places I want to visit…. such as “l’île de Ré and l’île d’Yeu”, two small islands off the west coast of France or the restaurant Loulou in Paris, designed by the architect Joseph Dirand.



  • Ideas for my paintings and drawings. I get creative ideas on how to match techniques, colours and it makes me realize that everything is possible!


  • Recipes… because one Sunday afternoon I will want to cook or bake something but just don’t know what!